Erie’s Community Placement Partner

Building the Bridge between Erie’s Workforce and its Employers for Today and into the Future


Who we are

YES Workforce Solutions is the community placement agency for job candidates that have completed a certificate or other skill program through the Young Entrepreneur Society or other non-profit agency and are work ready. We also place experienced candidates from all professions who are seeking employment in the Erie Region. 

We provide training, coaching and mentoring to develop new leaders, strengthen current leaders, and build cohesiveness among team members. If you are seeking ways to become more efficient in your business practices, we can provide assistance in identifying alternative methods and practices that can save your organization time and money.


Today’s Workforce

As companies in the Erie region struggle to attract quality candidates from a finite population, it is imperative that we reach out to all available individuals of working age and teach and instill in them the qualities that are required for the employers of our region. To most employers, the qualities include reporting to work as scheduled, reporting to work on time and being engaged in the task assigned. To others, it is having the proper education and experience to fulfill the role of a professional position. To all, it is meeting the expectation of the customer.

At YES Workforce Solutions, we along with our partners are focused on engaging these potential workers, training them as needed and placing them with employers.

We believe all of us can be partners in strengthening the workforce to not only meet the needs of today’s employers, but those needs well into the future.