Our focal point is in the training and preparation of human capital.

We meet people exactly “where they are” to help youth and adults by mapping out a “success map” for each individual with the end result being their ultimate career choice. Then we help them to stay on target by directing them to the appropriate post-secondary education, technical training, or occupational experience that will lead them to their goal. However, we also teach them entrepreneurial education so that they may have the opportunity to take their career dreams one step further and become a business creator if they desire after years of exposure in their field. Gaining experience is imperative to understanding the field of interest, therefore we strive to help people on their way to becoming an entrepreneur first find careers instead of simple employment knowing that every good entrepreneur begins with being a great and prepared employee.


Dare to Achieve – Seeds of Success

We feel it is important when working with adolescents and young adults because their success will not only help the economy, but will trickle down to their younger siblings further promoting early childhood education and decreasing some of the risk factors for that group.


Youth Curriculum

Our youth curriculum is based from direction of Pennsylvania Common Core Standards and courseware from various post-secondary institutions


Grade 6 – twice a week for a total of three hours (12 weeks in the second part of the year)

  • Mathematics
  • English Composition (Reading and Writing)
  • Communications
  • Economics 101

Grade 8 – once a week for an hour (8-10 weeks)

  • Career Assessment

Grade 9 – twice a week for a total of three hours (12 weeks in the second part of the year)

    • Business and Management
    • Business Mathematics
    • Critical Thinking / Parenthood

    Adult Curriculum

    Our adult curriculum concentrates on addressing any basic, educational deficiency that would be encountered in a work environment while providing the latest trends for improved service delivery and yield increased number of outcomes of clients in successful placement with positive employer feedback.


    Refreshment Classes – twice a week for a total of three hours (6-10 weeks)

    • Mathematics
    • English Composition (Reading and Writing)
    • Business Mathematics

    Soft Skills Training – twice a week for a total of four to six hours (4 – 6 weeks) depends upon class size to allow for entire class participation

    Topics include the following:

    • Completing an application or resume
    • Appearance and Etiquette
    • Understanding attendance and tardiness
    • Attitudes, Self control and temperament
    • Professionalism
    • Public speaking using proper English
    • Basic mathematics and writing skills
    • Money – Financial literacy, savings and checking accounts