We are the Young Enterpreneur Society


Our mission is to create the next generation of financially literate entrepreneurs through educational training, professional guidance, and long-term mentoring.


Workshops and Programs

Strengthening the community by offering programs and workshops to help entrepreneurs start or better manage their businesses is our primary goal. Additionally we also want to help the unemployed and underemployed increase their workplace skills.


Get involved

We are committed to giving back to the communities which have made our success possible. Please volunteer your time, money, or resources to help make our communities stronger.


We are a society of entrepreneurs, educators and workforce development specialists who would like to give back to our community where we founded and
operate the Young Entrepreneur Society. We want to use our years of front-line experience to provide educational training, professional guidance, long-term
mentoring and job placement opportunities for anyone who aspires to be self-employed and self-sufficient or desires to grow and thrive in one of many occupational roles working for one of the Erie region’s established companies.


Since its founding over two hundred years ago, entrepreneurs have played a significant role in the creation of jobs, wealth, and community in the Erie area. Today, small businesses are the backbone of our community and their ability to be a successful, ethical part of our business community is critical to our economy and our future.


Seasoned Entrepreneurs:
Lend your talents, experiences, and resources to give back to your community.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs:
Start today by contacting us for more information on one of our upcoming training sessions.