Job Coaching Workshop


Seize the Opportunity to learn how to stabilize your Entry level Workforce.

This unique and individualized Coaching Workshop can be custom designed specific to fit the needs of your organization. The recruiting, retention and advancement of this workforce is critical to patient care and an organization’s cost management. This “culture changing” model will assist you in stabilizing career pathways for new and existing employees.



Teaches core skills that build healthy, well-functioning staff members. By beginning with organizational leaders and supervisors, your staff will learn and practice fundamental coaching (supervision) skills.


Some of the crucial topics that can be presented specific to your organizations goals are

  • Strategies for Effective Communication: Active listening; non-verbal communication, perceptual differences, technology utilization, barriers and personality.
  • Team Building: Cohesiveness, purpose, objectives, common goals, conflict management and responsibilities.
  • Self-management and self-awareness: Assumptions, biases, professionalism, adult learning styles, leadership skills
  • Respecting cultural & generational differences: Tools for creating cultural civility in the workplace
  • Time Management: Prioritizing; balancing work life and home life
  • Problem solving: A non-punitive approach to accountability; improving problem-solving skills

Contact Rick Cornwell at or call 814 - 528 - 5125 to arrange a meeting with HERO instructors to design your workshop for your staff.