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Restaurant, Food Service Organizations and Hospitality Business Owners and Operators!

  • Would you like to discover ways to save cost on your food and goods purchases?

  • Would you like to have training and development opportunities for your staff by experienced restaurant trainers?

  • Whether you are the owner, the server or anyone in between, would you like to maximize your bottom line whether its profits, tips or time?

By Becoming a Member of our Hospitality Consortium, YES will work with your organization to make these questions a reality.


Are you looking for a Career in the Hospitality/
Food Service Industry?


One of the many industry sectors that continues to thrive anywhere in the country is the Hospitality/Restaurant/Food Service Industry. Whether you work in a school kitchen, long-term care facility kitchen, a restaurant, a fast food restaurant or a mobile type of food service business, employers are looking to fill open positions. Their top priority is to find someone that is experienced. When this option is not available they want someone who has been trained in the industry and has a good work ethic. If you like to serve people as a waiter/waitress, create tasty recipes like a Chef, order the ingredients needed for the Chef to use, manage in the restaurant industry or start your own business, it will take some training.

YES offers what you need or may be seeking so you can build your knowledge and skills to serve in this industry. A wide variety of training and development topics are offered including:


Basics of the Restaurant Business

Menu Basics
Customer Service Fundamentals
Management Styles
Kitchen Staff Basics


Compliance and Licensing

Compliance with Food Safety
Liquor, Beer and Wine Compliance
Serve Safe Food Handler


Hygiene, Health & Safety Legislation Guidelines

Food Hygiene Training and HACCP Food Safety


Promoting & Marketing the Business

Effective marketing strategies especially designed for the restaurant Industry.


Ordering Supplies in Order to Keep the Food Cost Low

How to track food cost and inventory
Ordering wisely & controlling portion sizes
Balancing the menu

Mastering the Menu Mystery

An in-depth look at the strategy of creating the perfect menu. Beginning with layout & design to how the customer’s eyes are drawn to specific places on the menu, you will learn how to critically develop an eye pleasing menu to maximize sales and profits.



Do You Have an Identity? Why is it Important?

Who are we?

What do we want our restaurant to be known for?

What style of service do we offer?

What kind of food do we cook?

What can our customers get from us that is unique to our restaurant?

How can we make our customers FEEL…

What is our color/decor scheme?


“Konsistency Is Kritical”

How to be consistent every time.
Why it is Important?


Customer Service is Critical…the Ins and Outs

Repeat business is the goal and positive Word-Of-Mouth comments are KEY.
Customer Service is Critical. This class covers several simple ways to keep your customers happy and informing their relatives and friends about their experience.


Attention to Detail

Outside to inside to everywhere in between, your customers are looking.


The Chef is not the Only One Who Needs to be Creative

A creative staff can lead to more profits and a better dining experience for your patrons. We will show you how.

Problem Solving

Solving problems before they become bigger problems



Keeping Statistical and Financial Records

Sales Revenues
Accounts Payable and other expenses
Payroll Accounting
Business Taxes


Improve Suggestive Selling Skills

Learn how to upsell
Sell more liquor, wine and beer
Sell appetizers with every table
Using the Sullivan’s nod effectively


Accident Prevention Training

Safety & Health
Claims & Worker’s Compensation Insurance
Workplace Rights
Trades & Licensing

Top 10 Reasons Why Restaurants Fail

The top 10 reasons why restaurants fail and how to avoid them.
(You will be surprised what they are and how easy some can be avoided)



Effective Management Procedures as it Relates to Profits and the Bottom Line

This class focuses on basic management procedures that directly affect profits and the bottom line. Leading your team to higher profits and lower costs is essential to business success.

Skills Focused Series

Selling as a server – don’t just be “the server”
Building and maintaining rapport
Words that sell
Describing “dishes” effectively
Making recommendations
Multi-tasking to save time and provide better customer service


Effective Point of Sale (POS) Usage

Leveraging the power of your POS system

Front of the House Basics – The First Impression is Usually Lasting

Techniques that keep the front of the house looking good and creating the image you desire and the customer remembers



Effective Bar Tending Skills

This class covers all the important skills necessary to be an efficient bartender from proper layout of a bar, mixing & pouring techniques, speed mixing, making several drinks at the same time in an efficient manner plus more…