HERO Personal Care Assistant Certificate Program

HERO, in collaboration with community partners, regional educational institutions, and our workforce development system are dedicated to provide a seamless transition connecting training, employment and careers.

August 2015 Class

August 2015 Class

The Hero Model

The HERO model provides a standardized process to follow that will offer a unique opportunity to individuals who are interested in a healthcare career. This employer driven model includes career assessment, training and job coaching within the healthcare industry.


Our innovative approach is to assist the job seeker and the employer by offering the first level of training as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) that can lead to higher wage positions and career advancement.


This innovative and unique community healthcare program has specific goals:

  1. To expand the pool in the number and competency of individuals qualified to obtain and retain employment for demand occupations related to entry-level healthcare professions.
  2. To create opportunities for career building in health care.
  3. To gather support by collaborating with all employers in the community to impact the quality of health care in our community

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